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Accounting Teams Are Going Global, Why? 

Talent is everywhere, but the cost is location-based. Just as living in Kansas is less expensive than California, adding team members from the Philippines is less expensive than hiring locally. We are helping firms scale their profits by saving them up to 80% on their highest operating expense: people.

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Senior Accountant

who is an experienced accountant and the leader of your outsourced team. This person oversees the bookkeeper and reports directly to you. S/he also coordinates the ongoing training and growth of your firm.


Junior Accountant

who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or equivalent, and is responsible for ongoing data entry, reconciliations, etc... The highest leverage team members that literally grows with your firm.


Virtual Assistant

who takes care of all things administrative. From scheduling appointments to managing your email accountant. Freeing up your time is one of the easiest wins when it comes to scaling your firm

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