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Nimbl has scaled one of the largest and most profitable cloud accounting services in the nation by utilizing a remote and diverse workforce. Take your firm to the next level by talking with an offshoring professional today.

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The Staffing Story

A chance meetup between Dave Olsen (Founder and CEO of Nimbl) and Cathy Tio started a partnership that leads to a new way of scaling cloud accounting practices. Nimbl Staffing focuses on not only the people but the process of offshoring. Together we've built Nimbl, now let us help grow your firm.

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Dave Olsen

CEO of Nimbl

Dave is the founder and CEO of Nimbl and Nimbl Staffing. He is an experienced leader with over 15 years in cloud accounting and over 10 years in building related offshore teams.

In 2012 he recruited a small team in India, and in 2015 he went all in on building a team in the Philippines. In addition to hiring people to handle his own clients’ bookkeeping, he also hired full-time people to place with other US companies.

In 2018, he began building a US team and later rebranded his cloud accounting and offshore staffing businesses to Nimbl and Nimbl Staffing.

Dave is a CPA in both California and Canada, and before becoming a contract CFO gained experience as a financial and IT auditor with a Big 4 firm. He is passionate about innovation in the accounting industry, including leadership and organizational practices, technology, and quality of life.

He currently resides in Utah with his wife and three children. He enjoys taking advantage of the state's stunning mountains by biking, hiking, and snowboarding.


Grant Collins

Head of Nimbl Staffing

Grant is a high-energy accountant and remote work pro. As a junior in college, Grant was hired as the second employee of Nimbl; now one of the top cloud accounting firms in the nation.

As Nimbl’s operations grew, Grant transitioned from numbers to people and served as Nimbl's Director of Experience and People Operations. In this role, he helped Nimbl grow from 2 employees to 50+, both within and outside the United States before being asked to take on his current role as Head of Nimbl Staffing (U.S.).

Grant received his Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University-Idaho. When he’s not building the business he’s finding ways to connect with the people around him, form trustworthy relationships, and is always ready for a fierce game of Pickleball.

Whether he’s at home, in the community, or at the office, he’s known as a true friend - someone who is willing to invest in the personal lives of others. 

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Your future team member is a college graduate, fluent in English, and just as capable as your local talent. Our global talent team works at world-class facilities for fair pay while providing incredible value wherever you need them. 

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What our clients are saying:


We are very happy with the team there and they are part of our culture, even at a distance.  The team is smart, always learning, always has a great attitude, and has been doing really good work.


Profitable Accounting

The help Nimbl Staffing provides is essential to both my work and my sanity.



There is no way to quantify the impact the team has had on our growth and efficiency. Nimbl Staffing not only provides the team but the infrastructure that champions success.

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