The Start of Nimbl Staffing

Dave Olsen Founder and CEO of Nimbl

A letter from Dave Olsen, CEO This is the background on how Nimbl Staffing has become what it is today. You will get a peek into why we operate as we do and where we are going in the future.    The Beginnings   I left an international accounting firm in 2007 to become the…

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Checklist for Deep-Cleaning Your Year-End Accounting

Accounting Automation

If you are like many small business owners/managers, you’ve maintained your books throughout the year, but you’ve saved the deep cleaning for after the end of the year. You’ve had to pay bills and collect from customers, so your payables and receivables should be reasonably current. Each month you’ve used your accounting software to do your bank…

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W9 and 1099: Two Tax Forms Every US Entrepreneur Needs to Know About

Virtual Bookkeeping

In my last post I described the benefit of hiring contractors while bootstrapping a startup. I also explained the tax obligation that goes along with hiring contractors, which is to file a 1099-MISC form for contractors that meet certain requirements. I also mentioned severe penalties for not meeting this requirement. In this post, go into more detail about…

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